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Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Sundog Rehab is so excited to introduce the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. We are the first facility in Rapid City to offer such fabulous piece of equipment to aid in the rehab of our patients and customers. Sundog Rehab is happy to offer the most advanced physical therapy technology that is available at this time. Please call the office today to reserve your one FREE trial on the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

Please watch the video at the bottom of this page for additional information from real people that believe the Alter G has helped change their lives. 

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill has wonderful benefits for all ages. The unique unweighted treadmilll offers patients the opportunity to go through their rehab with less pain and more confidence which overall helps in the healing process of the individual. What is great about this treadmill? It can be used as a rehab device as well as a wellness tool after recovery. This machine can take away joint pain by reducing the gravity. Patients really like the treadmill because they can walk or run for longer lengths of time with feeling the impact on the joints. Patients say it is like "walking on the moon". 

The treadmill is used in rehab with individuals that have had an injury or surgery on the foot, ankle, knee, hip, or total joint replacements in these areas. It is also used for gait training, balance, strength and fitness, mobility, conditioning, weight loss, and the overall health of the body. Another great benefit is people that may have issues with balance and falls can use this machine without worry. Individuals can not fall or get injured from the treadmill. 

This piece of equipment is beneficial for runners and athletes too. The machine can be used for rehab as well as injury prevention. 

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill  has helped orthopedic and neurologic patients, pediatric, top level athletes, geriatric and those looking to lose weight - to achieve their personal health, wellness or performance goals.

What is the difference between a regular treadmill and the Anti-Gravity Treadmill? The Alter-G allows people to walk and run without pain, it reduces stress on the joint or injured area, and people can recover quicker without the pain associated  with a traditional treadmill. The Anti-Gravity treadmill can take you further and faster than ever anticipated after surgery, injury, and impairment.