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In this tab you will find the documents that are needed in order for Sundog Rehab to properly treat you.

If you decide to fill out your paper before the appointment please make sure you fill out the Consent Form, Intake Form, and the form on which body part the therapist will be treating. The form for lower extremity is for the hip, leg, knee, and foot. The upper extremity is for the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and carpal tunnel Syndrome.

When you come for your first appointment please have your paperwork ready, insurance card, and drivers license. If you have any questions on the requested forms, please call the office and one of us would be happy to help you.

Consent Form

Intake Form

Back Questionnaire

Dizziness Questionnaire

Lower Extremity

Lymphedema Questionnaire

Neck Questionnaire

Upper Extremity