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Enjoyed coming every day I had rehab. All employees are very nice and helpful. Thank you for helping me to walk normal again. "Nancy"

Very professional staff & therapists. Sundog is not overbooked like most other places in town. They are able to deal with any situation here as I am a returning customer. Both times were different body parts and both times my treatment was successful. Thank you!. "Jeff"

Very helpful and friendly staff. "Steve"

Thank you for helping me recover after my hip surgery. I feel great! "John"

The care I was given at Sundog Rehab was outstanding! I was given all the tools I need to continue my therapy on my own. I improved more than I thought I would. They have a great gym with different types of equipment that aided in my recovery. The anti-gravity treadmill is amazing! I have not been able to run in a long  time. That all changed when my therapist, Lindsey put me on this treadmill. It can take away some of my body weight so I was able to run without any pain. Sundog Rehab is a top notch place with incredible therapists and staff. I would recommend this place to anyone for all their therapy needs.     "Paul"

Thank you for the great treatment I received. I am so amazed that two treatments worked wonders on my dizziness! "Sandy"

I enjoyed my experience at Sundog very much compaired to other facilities I have used before. Lindsey was with me at all times and didn't leave me alone on my own. I'd like to thank everyone at Sundog, especially Lindsey. "Anonymous"

Nobody likes to go to rehab but if it's important for our  well being and health, we better go. So, I decided to go to Sundog Rehabilitation after my hip surgery. The recovery was a challenge as my body hurt with every move. Kendra, my Physical Therapist was such an encouragement. She was helpful, thoughtful, and attentive to my situation. It wasn't long before she had me up and moving on my own again. She was extremely helpful. She was exceptional. A great therapist! Sundog Rehab was a wonderful place to go for physical therapy.     "Marilyn"

Thank you for your help! I was getting very uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy. I had major improvement with my symptoms because of you. You were delightful to visit with as well. "Megan"

I did all my Pre-Op and Post-Op at Sundog Rehab. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. My therapist was Kim, the Occupational Therapist. She explained all of the exercises and how  each one woudl help in my recovery. She also changed the exercises so I was never in a rut or got tired of them. She even added new exercises as I healed and became stronger. I was very happy I went to Sundog Rehab. I recommend this clinic!    "Judy"

Thank you for all of your help. You guys made the healing process a much easier experience. "Anonymous"

Thank you so very much for not only taking such great care of me but allowing me to bring my son adn be comfortable! Amy is awesome and those that get to have her as a physical therapist are blessed.       "Jen"

With the help of Sundog Rehab I learned so much about my muscles and tendons. I was taught how they need to be worked and treated. Hopefully this will help keep me on my feet for many more years. Because of the treatment I received, I rode roller coasters in Disney World and had a blast. I never thought it would happen again. Thanks Sundog Rehab!             "Roleen"

Lindsey Kozel was my physical therapist. She was fantastic as a physical therapist and coach! She made my therapy and workouts fun. I am more mobile and I have very little pain. You're in good knowledgeable hands with Lindsey.          "Sherri"

Kim Van Loan is my Occupational Therapist. She is very thorough in her treatments. She has knowledge about how to work on my injury. I know that my condition is much improved because of the treatment I have received. The people working at Sundog Rehab are very competent and caring. I highly recommend this business!          "Ann"  

Sundog Rehab has to be the best Physical Therapy in all of Rapid City. The care I received was outstanding! I loved the staff from the beginning. I started out with Brittany who listened and helped more than my personal Doctor. She was always looking for new ways to make my pain better and showed great care in everything she did. I ended up having surgery and that meant more PT. Brittany had move out of state, but before she left she had informed Amy (her replacement) all about my case. Amy took over when I was at my weakest. She always thought of fun ways to strengthen my weak area. Amy is very thorough in everything she does. That gave me great confidence that I would be better. I still have more work ahead of me, but I will continue getting stronger. Thank you Sundog Rehab for your commitment to heal the whole person inside and out.       "Rebecca"

Sarah was my physical therapist. I haven't had any dizziness for almost two weeks and I feel great! Unless something changes, you have probably seen the last of my smiling face. I will keep Sundog Rehab in mind if anything comes up that I would need therapy for. Sarah saved my life. If anyone asks about Vertigo or any type of PT, Sundog Rehab will be the first I recommend.     "Jodie"